Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Data, (Kitty Extraordinaire)

Okay, so I didn't accomplish several of my goals for this week. I got out of the house to socialize once this week instead of three. And I didn't cook anything new using only ingredients in the house. Sometimes, I set impossible goals for myself and then I wonder why I get so frustrated when I fall short. It's that do or die food mentality transferred into my goals list in a way.

But i did get caught up on my dishes and that is nothing to dismiss lightly. And I did end up going to that meet up group last Wednesday which was a huge thing because I enjoyed myself and am already looking forward to what I will be bringing to the "picnic" (baked rum ball cookies.) And in a fit of organization, I planned several day visits to my mom during the month of August around some of the meetup activities I wanted to attend.

Today's pictures are of my kitty, Mr Data (aka Kitty Extraordinaire) who turns 18 tomorrow at least according to his old vet records. Happy Birthday Mr. Data!

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