Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gluten Free Baked French Toast

It's been awhile since I've been able to bake along with Club Baked. But, as I am a french toast girl at heart when it comes to breakfast, this seemed like a good recipe to get myself back into my baking state of mind. As I'm gluten sensitive, the only major change was to swap out gluten free bread for the challah. This unfortunately did add a bit of blandness to the dish especially since challah tends to be a rich buttery bread. I think that this could easily be rectified by using a flavored half and half to add a bit of a flavor punch. Give the fact that gluten free bread tends not to be the sturdiest bread in my opinion, it still held up fairly well under the overnight soak with the egg/milk/half and half mixture and I only had a few minor problems with turning the bread slices over the next morning.

I would try this again, just with a few tweaks. Definitely, the first would have to be more raspberry sauce (can there ever be enough of that?). In addition, I would like to try toasting the almonds before sprinkling them to give it a richer and nuttier flavor and add more cinnamon - although the recipe called for a 1/4 tsp I used a full tsp and thought it needed more.Overall, a good breakfast dish . For the recipe, please check out Julie's blog, "A Little Bit of Everything" to see how she fared and don't forget to check out the other bakers over at Club Baked for their valuable feedback on the recipe.

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  1. I didn't get to make this, but the consensus seems to be "more cinnamon." Love your suggestion of more raspberry sauce... you can NEVER have enough :)