Saturday, February 20, 2010

Could Life Get Any Better?

I've been fighting the office cold for about 4 days now. The usual annoyances...coughing up hairballs, not being able to breathe, sneezing so hard it's likely I'm going to spray half of Chicago. So after hearing me produce a few hairballs Wednesday, my boss told me in no uncertain terms that I was going home. Now.

On the way home, I stopped by the grocery store because I knew I was not going to be up to cooking and figured I'd make a tuna sandwich. Which, after seeing this, became a tuna BLT with the tuna, tomatoes, chopped lettuce and this...

My sister had told me about this some time back and I was greatly intrigued. In fact I got the other bacon lover in the office to try it based on her recommendations. But I had never gotten around to finding it in the grocery store. The story behind it is absolutely great. In a nutshell, two guys won some award money on America's Home Videos and used it to create this company because they loved bacon so much.

Like, who could argue with them right?

Surprisingly it's actually pretty good although as I am a bacon junkie I'm going to have a hard time finding much wrong with it. And I find it hilarious on the back of the jar it does say it is kosher. Yep, alas, no real bacon in there, but still pretty spot on regardless.And if that's not wonderful enough, they sell bacon flavored salt and get this...bacon flavored envelopes.

I am not making that up either. They're call "mmmmvelopes".

Here's to hoping I can bake some tomorrow. Even if it is to just making another BLT Tuna Sandwich.

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