Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays with Katie: Interloper


I suspect there is another cat on my floor. I have to investigate this further, but mom agrees with my tentative assessment based on my tail puffing up to 2000 times it's normal size when I sniffed at the door during my morning run down the hallway. 

I must speak with the rental office about this. I'm fairly sure that they should get my approval before letting this happens. I mean, we could be overrun by dogs next.

My apologies for mom's backsliding on cooking. I am working on getting her back onto a baking/cooking schedule so she can keep up with her blog challenges. It does her a lot of good and keeps her from waking me up because I just look so cute. She's promised herself to be back in the Kitchen this weekend as she  found a very fun and yummy recipe (to her at least...I cannot find any fish in it whatsoever) over at Cathy's website, Accountants Can Cook, involving bacon and chocolate chips. She seems happy at the combo and has promised to bring some in next week to share with her coworkers. Although she calls it dumping. Something about weight and a waistline. Am still trying to figure this out. 

Purrs to All,


  1. Ooooh, I am stoked about the cookies because I saw that very recipe on Cathy's blog, too.

    Well, what can I say about the cat down the hall? It happens. You know you are the queen, though!

  2. Well of course, I know I am the Queen, but does the interloper know that?