Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well There's No Excuse to Bake Now

In order to get my voice back and to stop sounding like Alvin after he's been hitting the helium, I need to take a day off tomorrow to rest my voice. There is NO way it's ever going to happen at work. I either have people talking to me or phones to be answered all of which finally caught up with me. It was so bad  today that one of my coworkers who had been teasing me all week about how funny I sounded was actually showing concerned worry after talking to me.

Now I am not a extrovert by nature so I'm never going to be a chatty gal by nature. But I know it's got to be done as I've lost my voice almost completely tonight just by talking to Queen Katie, Protector of the Hallways. So I figure that since I'm feeling fine other than that, I might as well catch up with some baking tomorrow and at least get something productive done.

But it is so bizarre that having been told that I shouldn't talk, I have the overwhelming urge to do nothing but talk.

This is why blogging is totally awesome.


  1. Well, and I assume that your office environment is like lots of office environments: dry as a bone! That doesn't help at all.

    Have fun baking!

  2. Well, it was a nice thought while it lasted. Ended up having to go to work after all due to an emergency.

    At least there's my favorite hot cider to console me.