Monday, November 9, 2009

My $60.00 Oops

Realized this morning once I got to the library that I'd miscalculated the date two of my bills were due.

As in, I now have two bills that are late and am dealing with late charges next month.

Not exactly the sort of thing that puts me into a good mood to start out my week, but it is my own fault. I'd forgotten about the one until this weekend. And the other I had plenty of time to pay it online at work but kept putting it off until I forgot about that one as well.

Puts a bit of a damper in my goal to pay off my bills but it's something to learn from. I can't keep living a disorganized life mentally and physically and not expect it to catch up with me.

So it's probably about a $60.00 mistake to learn from. Ouch.

On the positive side, I did hunker down at home this weekend and cleaned my house. I now have a clean living room and kitchen and it's amazing how much better I feel.  Although I was motivated more by staying warm once the weather turns cold again as I had to clean in order to feel comfortable letting our maintenance guys in to fix the thermostat as the knob broke off last week.

Now I need to get myself back out into the world and start socializing again as I'd let that slide for awhile when things were so busy at work. I have a feeling that I'd be a little less crabby and complain a lot less if I had a life outside of work. It's hard to rely on them as being a major point of social contact without resenting them for it later.And that's not fair to them or me.


  1. It's amazing how much better you feel when you get your place cleaned up isn't it? I tend to let that slide, and then when it's messy/untidy I feel overly anxious.

  2. Cathy, still some room to go with the other 2 rooms but just having two rooms clean does make it a lot more relaxing at home now