Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My New Baby(Computer) Is Home Now

I bought my old work computer home last night after a work function and I'm a little worried about us living together. Mostly because of the fact that I kind of let the internet take over my life for awhile over the past year. I've posted about that before with spending way too much time online and nothing to show for it. Most of the time, it was random browsing and nothing that I needed to know at all.

So I'm approaching this whole issue of letting the computer back into my life with some reasonable concerns. Especially since moderation has never really been one of my big skills in life with my all of nothing mentality at times.

On the positive side, I can blog with complete freedom and not worry about coworkers coming up behind me wanting to know what I'm doing or trying to come into work early to blog. So there's freedom. And there's the fact that there will be times that I can work from home instead of going into the office and save myself some CTA aggravation as well as a few hours of travel time.

I think I've learned my lessons over the past month of being computerless. I now know I can wake up and get ready for work and get to work on time without a computer. My mind is a lot happier now that I've used some of that wasted time and begun to read more.

Mr. Data has already climbed over the computer once today which does my heart good.

Happy thanksgiving to all. I'm off to search my cookbooks for biscuit recipes for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Having a computer at home is definitely convenient. I think you'll do just fine finding a balance between being on the computer and doing other things.

  2. Palidor...crossing my fingers on that one. I spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday so I'm a little worried. I have to figure out some sort of time limitations for when I'm home to keep this under control.