Monday, November 23, 2009

Things to Break out the Happy Dance For

This past week has been busy with work so I haven't had a chance to do a lot of baking. Which means I need to think (gasp) when I'm blogging and not just ramble as I'm inclined to do when feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Fortunately, apart from an incident with one of my neighbors where I had the horrifying insight that I was TURNING INTO MY MOTHER (not a good thing in this case) life has been fairly good outside of that. So in order to consolidate energy and time I'm going to do one giant happy dance for everything that has been going well :
  1. Realizing that I only paid one bill late last month instead of 2 bills so I've saved myself a $39.00 late fee :)
  2. Finding out that I deducted the two bills from my checkbook twice so I actually had about 100.00 more than I had thought I did :)
  3. Being told last week that I no longer have to report to the director who seems to feel it is his destiny to make my life miserable (and yes, I'll accept that I'm complaining major time on that one) :)
  4. Moving desks with one of my coworkers so I have a lot more privacy now :)
  5. Getting a new computer at work and being able to take my old one home to use there :)
  6. Being told it was okay to take Wednesday off so I have a 5 day weekend to look forward to :)
  7. Mr. Data, Kitty Extraordinaire, has gained a few ounces back so he's up to 8 lbs again :)
As weeks go, this was a very good week indeed.

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