Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bloggers Beware of PetitChef.Com Comments

I am slightly paranoid by nature. Normally it can totally mess me up. This time some good actually came out of it

I'm pretty sure a lot of people like me get very happy when we find someone has commented on our blogs. And the instinct is to sometimes hit approve before we think twice. Today "Vincent" from Petitchef.com posted a comment on my blog saying they had stumbled across my site, how they loved my recipes and wanted to invite me to join other bloggers to promote my site. It was one of those compliments that really works the ego over good. So I googled for other people's experiences and came across a very horrific experience after linking with them  by Erin of Mrs. Cox's Slice O'Heaven. I highly recommend reading her story before having anything to do with petitchef. 

Definitely a day when I'm glad I have comment moderation to reject it before it actually hit my blog. 


  1. THANK YOU for the warning and the link to Mrs. Cox's story, which I have just finished reading. I don't think I've had this email, but I'll definitely delete it if I do get it. Sometimes I do get approached by other companies for stuff like this, but in general, if they ask me to advertise for them, I don't bother. The only exception has been FoodBuzz, and before I got involved with them, I did the same thing you did: asked others what their experiences were. And in this case, overwhelmingly, they were positive. But yeah, better to be safe than have a PC full of malware.

  2. whoa, just got an email from petitchef and almost clicked on it. Thanks for the warning.