Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding More Fun in Life

There hasn't been a lot of time to bake lately so it's left me with time to think. Not so good, when it leads to worrying and stress. Good when it comes to being honest with myself. I know I've been complaining more about work lately, here, there, everywhere. And yes, the stress and worrying is helped and is helping that issue. But it's time to face facts...I am not allowing enough time for fun in my life. Watching TV and sitting in front of the computer in the evenings isn't for the most part doing it for me. I'm talking about turning off the things that don't require a lot of effort on my part (tv and computer) and getting back out into the world like I was doing this summer before my boss got sick and work took over. Using my mind more instead of existing on autopilot because its easier.

So I have to think about some more ways to get out of the house this weekend. and have some fun. My balance in life depends on it.


  1. I know what you mean..I run on auto pilot all the time. In fact, this morning, i was feeling spaced out and told my self, i need be conscientious...rather than just operate like a machine...

    I will be spending some time reading...and maybe a trip to the park tomorrow with the girls...if the weather permits..

  2. How about a trip to the library or local farmer's market? I am also guilty of spending too much time on things that aren't very fulfilling. I should follow your example!

  3. Natalie - it is hard isn't sometimes...we thrive on routine because it keeps some control in life but for me it can take some of the fun out of life when I overdo it.

    Palidor..I'm thinking of taking in a movie...fortunately I have no problems going to movies by myself and I've been wanting to see that movie "The Blind Side" since it came out. At least it'll get me off the couch and out of the house :)