Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love a Quest

  In between trying to catch up on a project for work, I was flipping through blog posts and came across one by"The Novice Chef" . Now I love photography. And you know I love cats. So when I saw the word camera and a picture of a kitty I had to go check it out. And having read it, I confess, I'm inspired to try the same project she is . Which is really to capture one day of our life for an entire year.

And it's a fantastic concept for me during this time. Because it's going to challenge me. It will keep me active and help me to stay in the present Plus  it should teach me some discipline as I have a tendency to lose interest in my projects after a few months typically. It's called Project 365 (or in my case since I'm starting late, maybe project 362?).

So please feel free to check out my new blog, Capturing My Corner of the World, and let me know what you think.

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