Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays with Katie: The Evil Elevator

I do not like being thwarted.

The elevator has been taunting me since I moved to my forever home. People coming. People going. And I'm not there enough to keep an eye on things. Sure, when Mom comes in or goes out, I can make it out into the hallway and patrol things to make sure that there's nothing particularly interesting that I shouldn't be missing. At least until she chases me down the hallway and gets me back into the apartment. But  Mom has been home sick today  there's been no opportunity for me to get out there OR  to practice picking the lock to the front door with my claws so I can give that elevator a piece of my mind..

So since she's congested and resting on the couch watching TV, I offered to write her blog post today. And as I happen to think I am a particularly talented feline, I'm thinking about giving her those great big winkies that turn her into pudding and getting a regular Monday blog spot.

I mean, there are millions of cats out there secretly logging onto their humans computers. Where else are they supposed to go? My regular spot would keep them from using their humans credit cards up at Fosters and Smith buying toys and catnip. 
I'll have to work on her while she's not feeling well. I mean, if she agrees while she's sleeping, that still counts. Right?


  1. You go, girl! Though I'm not sure I want Juno logging onto my computer - she might run up my credit card with online shopping (she knows where my wallet is...).

    Your human took an awfully good photo of you for this post. Your colouring and markings look even more gorgeous than before!

  2. Coyote, thank you for the compliment on my beauty. Clearly you have very good taste.

    Now of course, the answer to the credit card issues is simple...give Juno a card of her own. Perhaps with a small credit limit of say 1,000 to start?

    Juno will of course greatly appreciate this act of trust and perhaps might be persuaded to blog herself from time to time in thanks?