Sunday, January 17, 2010

MSC: Coconut Cupcakes (Just a Wee Bit Late)

This month's selection over at MSC (Martha Stewart Cupcakes Club) was Coconut Cupcakes which can be found on page 29 of Martha's delectable but dangerous (for the waistline) Cupcakes Book.

And I'm late. But these cupcakes are so worth the wait. I knew I was in for a good time when I was humming and yumming over tasting the batter. It was a good sign of good things to come, despite deciding at the last minute to go with mini cupcakes which I did not have liners for so I was lucky to get two good ones out of the pan.

That said, even a pan full semi ruined mini cupcakes is still a very good thing. This was a very moist cake and since I am a fan of coconut this was a little bit of culinary joy for me. I thought the cake was perfect on it's own. To me, a regular frosting, would have been too much. And I was slightly intimidated by making the cooked 7 minute  frosting which was helped by not having a candy thermometer. So I did a little baking cheating and took some powdered sugar, coconut milk and a splash of rum which I poured over the cupcakes before sprinkling them with grated coconut.

I would definitely make this again. Except with liners the next time so as to not waste a  single cupcake.


  1. oh, coconut cupcakes!!! No such thing as semi-ruined coconut cupcakes. Hats off yo ou on the creative spin on frosting, that was perfect.

  2. I was late too with mine (still need to post them hopefully tonight!); but you are right--they were worth the wait. Delicious!