Thursday, March 4, 2010


 It's baseball season!

Or at least it's spring training. I blame my mother for the baseball crazies. We went to a lot of games growing up and my mother to this day is not to be trifled with if her team is losing. My sister and I actually thought she was going to disown us last year when we went to see the White Sox play against the Milwaukee Brewers and cheered for the White Sox. That, to my mother who is a diehard brewers fan, was sports heresy. And I was the bad daughter who led my sister astray. Although, really it isn't my fault. It's the White Sox fault for winning the 2005 World Series. I turned on the game to to mock them at first  and ended up being a fan by the end.

And I even stayed one during those not so cheerful seasons after.

I got home in time today to watch the first game of spring training. At least I got to see the final two innings. My baseball fix has been satisfied for now.

Go Sox!

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