Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Things I Just Don't Get

1) How I can spent hours cleaning the kitchen last weekend and not being able to tell a difference today.

2) Why I can find amazing bursts of energy when it comes to shopping but cannot get going this morning for exercising.

3)  Why there is never anything good on TV until I need to organize my house

4) Why my maid never shows up to work - oh wait, I'm my maid. Damn.

5) Why my coworker spent the better part of the morning yesterday worrying about where her tape dispenser had gone...out loud.

6) Why my boss just doesn't get that my cat needs me at home for company and lets me take time off accordingly.

7) How I can have a freezer full of food and not be able to find anything that looks good. 

8) Why science hasn't invented brussel sprouts that taste like chocolate and make me want to eat them instead of run away from them

9) Why I, the only person in my family who likes to cook and bake, always ends up in apartments without dishwashers while my sister, who does not, always does

10) Why cookbooks aren't scratch and would save me a lot of calories


  1. Well, all very good questions! I particularly identify with 1, 2, and 3. I hope you have a great weekend & cuddles to Katie.

  2. Coyote - hope all is going well with you and Juno! How is she adjusting to her new home?

  3. OMG a scratch and sniff cookbook!! That is genius!!! And it would be nice of #8 was true as well. :-)

  4. Mara - It makes me think of the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory with the lickable wallpaper that never wears out...can you imagine having yummy recipes like that wallpapered in the kitchen :)

  5. I agree with number 6! Equal time off for those of us with fur kids!