Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Commence Happy Dance

Mr Data is doing better.

I'm so relieved I don't even care about having to start over on my no credit card challenge because I used it to buy ice cream. Or the fact that I ate half a pint of Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler Ice cream and that's being overly optimistic...I think I ate closer to 3/4 of the container. I've even forgotten that I was mad at the vet who has always been very good to us and so patient with all of my questions because they couldn't fit us in for a home visit with very little advance notice and I decided that meant she didn't care about us after all.

Well, perhaps that last bit was a little influenced by exhaustion.

Okay, it was very influenced by the fact by the lack of sleep. And now it's officially the entire container of ice cream too. But no matter. Data is better. He's been eating and moving around and he's got that Data spunk back in his eye.

Oh happy dance!


  1. I'm glad Mr. Data is feeling better. One of my cats got sick last year and the vet thought it could be IBS or hairball gastritis or some sort of infection. We never did figure out what it was, but luckily it cleared itself up.

    Like you, I was so tuned into her. Was she hiding? Was she lethargic? Did her meow sound off? I think it's way more stressful than having children, because children can tell you what they're feeling. Cats can't and they often try to hide their pain from you.

    So, I can understand why you're so sleep-deprived and drained! Be kind to yourself and cuddle up with Data. :)

  2. Thanks for your timely support especially as i"m still catching up today. It always seems like it takes a few days to recover from one bad sleep day.

    I'm so glad your kitty recovered.How long did it take for it to clear up? Data's had his issues for about 6 months and I'm hoping in time he will bounce back from it too.

  3. Oh yeah, I know! I heard that for every night of bad sleep you get, it takes an equal night of good sleep to recover. So in theory, with one night of bad sleep, you should recover with one night of good sleep. Nope! I need at least 2 good nights... maybe 3 or 4!

    Minky cleared up in about a month. She kept vomiting, wouldn't eat, and had the runs. The vet found that she had a urinary tract infection and a stomach infection as well. After some antibiotics to clear up the infection and some medicine to stimulate her appetite, she started to get better. But every one in a while (maybe every 6 weeks?), she'll get the runs. But, that is the only issue she gets and since it's so infrequent, neither the vet nor I are worried about it.

    Minky, Misty, and I will be thinking about Data and hoping that he returns to his normal self in no time! :)