Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Stay Quiet and Keep Your Head Down Day

I'm so tired.

Last night, Mr. Data had a bad episode. Based on previous episodes, I think it's related to his dental issues. Because of his health and age (18) his vet and I agreed that we would treat his dental issues with antibiotics rather than putting him through dental surgery. But I always know when we're getting close to the treatment day because his appetite goes off for a day or so before. Fortunately, it's a 5 day treatment once a month because it's fairly traumatizing for both of him. I have to kind of pin him down in a half nelson sort of position just to get the antibiotics in.

I can't blame him. I tried a tiny taste once to see what he was going through and it was pretty nasty. I'm pretty sure someone would have to chase me around the house too to take something like that.

So, last night I was alert to every yodel and the end result was very little sleep. I must have gotten maybe 5 hours which is less than optimal for me. Fortunately, Data seems better today. He got his 2nd day dose of anti's and is eating better today which means he's feeling better overall.

Now I need to keep my head down at work and try to avoid direct communication because I have a bad habit of babbling when I'm exhausted. I rather feel like I'm moving in slow motion today.

Ideally, there's only one successful way to manage a day like today and that's to call in sick. Unfortunately, with everything to do, that is not an option. And my only back up plan is to drink enough caffeine to stimulate my brain which has the tendency to enhance my babbleosity.

I am up the creek without a paddle today for sure.

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