Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something Strange is in the Air

So today I have an activity to do with my meetup group. We're baking our way through sections of the books "From My Home to Yours" by Dorie Greenspan, author of one of the books I have been trying to convince myself I NEED when I know it's definitely more of want.

And I'm mostly looking forward to it. Which is why something strange is definitely in the air. Normally by this point I'd be in full scale panic mode. And I'm only at half capacity panic. So things are getting a little better with the social anxiety issues.

Although I think I might have used up a great deal of my anxiety last night when I had a full scale panic attack around 11:00 at night worrying how I was going to do all the work I was going to have to do next week and get caught up on the things I'm starting to fall behind on like sending out contracts for events. Which means next week is going to consist of working late pretty much every day which is normal for this time of year with us. And it does pay off for me this year as it usually means I'm too busy to snack.

Although the lack of panic might be because I've been busy this morning and it's usually when I'm resting or doing nothing that my brain goes haywire catching up on all the things I've been too busy to panic about before. I've been up since 7:00, fiddling around with my computer, signing up AT LAST for the baking classes in October which I promised myself I would do as soon as I got paid, and even ran up to the grocery store, upstairs to get my laundry and back downstairs to do a load of a laundry for the first time in weeks all before 9 am because I've been washing things out in the sink to avoid the run to the laundry room since our elevator has been out of order for 7000 years.

At least it seems that way. It's been more like 7 weeks if not a little longer. All summer anyway.

And from what one of my neighbors tells me, we're doomed for ANOTHER SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!

But on the positive side, the elevator being out of commission has I'm convinced helped me lose weight. Not so much from the exercise although I'm sure that's helped. It's been a blessing in disguise because I'm not as tempted to go run out for snacks and sweets as often as I would have. Not to mention the fact that my favorite local chinese restaurant thinks I no longer love them because I hadn't ordered in almost 2 months mostly since I felt too guilty having them climb up all those stairs. And when I get home from work, the last thing I'm up for is another stair workout.

Last but not least, thanks to Jenelle & Andrew for joining my blog! I hope you enjoy the site.

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