Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Sox (Oh Who Am I Kidding?)

Got out of work today closer to 8:00 following a chaotic dinner we had going on that had some major snafus so tomorrow is going to seem like a treat with only 6 hours. Then again, technically tomorrow isn't work as much as it is acting as a social director for an event that's renting out part of our space. It translated into getting paid to find the maintenance guy and make sure that people don't crash the party too much.

I've gotten better at activities like this. The thought of saying no to kids running up and down the hallway used to fill me with dread. Now I just chase the little darlings down and herd them like cattle back to where they're supposed to be.

And Sunday is mine, mine mine to do with as I wish. Which hopefully translates into making butterscotch pudding (ie, I got my baking with Dorie book today!). Although I don't have scotch so I'm wondering what other alcohol I have in the house that might do.

Today's picture came when I was stuck on the train and had my camera handy. I've been hesitant in the past about pulling out the camera and clicking away when other people were around. Mostly because I'm convinced they'll think i'm odd for taking pictures of some of the things I do. This one turned out better than I had thought it might.

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  1. Lovely picture! That's very exciting that your cookbook is coming! I absolutely love getting new cookbooks. I'm sure the butterscotch pudding will turn out great! Please post some pictures later.