Monday, September 7, 2009

Orange Ricotta Chicken

Thank heavens for all the gifted cooks out there. Together you're retraining me on how to cook again.

Today I found a lovely recipe by Debby over at "Feast for the Eyes" ( and decided to make something involving Chicken and Orange. However at the store, I got completely distracted by a sale on butter (store brand 1 lb box 1.77 with discount card, limit 4, bought home 8) that I bought home none of the ingredients she used. So I went shopping in my cabinet. Limited pickings, so I went back to the tasty ricotta theme inspired by Palidor over at Crazy Asian Gal (

Now if this cooking thing ever is going to be successful, I am going to have to start measuring better when I experiment but too late now.

I pulled Ricotta, Brandy, Orange Extract and Brown Sugar out of my cabinet, blended until mixed well but still thick and spread that over the chicken breasts, before topping it with some leftover walnut chips from a cookie recipe a few weeks ago and then sprinkling that with orange zest that's be in the cabinet forever. Now I like sweets so this was right up my alley...I tasted a dab of it before spreading it over the chicken.

Into the fridge with this for an hour while I waited for my Lavash Cracker Dough to rise. I'd learned to make this the end of August with my baking group as we made several recipes from the Bread Bakers Apprentice. It was the first of the group to go, partly because it was so yummy and hey, there was french onion dip involved. So, having gone to the store and found there was also a 2 for one sale on Boursin and Rondele Pub Cheeses I was motivated to try my hand at Lavash again.

I cooked the chicken at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Overall, I loved this chicken recipe better than yesterday's experiment. The taste was milder after cooking, with just a hint of sweet orange afterwards and the chicken was tender. One downside was the sauce was a bit grainy so I'd try either adding more brandy or whisking it (I just stirred).


  1. You did a good job! I don't think you really need to measure when you're cooking (baking is another story). When I cook, I usually just eyeball stuff. If the sauce is too grainy, you could try heating the brown sugar and brandy together just until the sugar melts, then whisking in the remaining ingredients.

  2. Thanks for the cooking tip...there's all kinds of things that I've never known or have long forgotten with cooking. I appreciate your expertise and advice!