Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr Data Strikes Again

My one day to sleep in and I'm up at 5:40 am. Partly because Mr. Data (kitty extraordinaire) had jumped up on the bed, I got a whiff of eau de kitty in the apartment and knew that somewhere there were little kitty surprises (with an IBS kitty, they could be anywhere). Unfortunately, my foot found them before I found the light switch. Fortunately for me, I was wearing socks when said foot found them.

So today, the decks are cleared. I had had plans to do something but cancelled them. I need to relax and detox from last week both physically and mentally. Our first big do is Friday and Saturday which means another 6 days straight, 1 day off, one more chaotic week with the other big 2 day event and then AT LAST extended time off (Tuesday through Sunday).

I've already been to the store to pick up corn starch so I've got all my ingredients to make the not technically butterscotch pudding with the alcohol to be figured out later (I'm leaning toward Grand Marnier.)

Today's picture came from my walk to the store. We had another delightfully foggy morning today (although not as dense at yesterday) so when I was walking back, the sun was starting to burn off the fog and I got this shot.

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  1. I'm glad you were wearing socks when you stepped on it!!