Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr Data Says Hello


Always a good sign when Mr Data, Kitty Extraordinaire, is up to climbing up the stairs to the couch, over the computer and onto the kitchen table (that's Data's typing above). He still worries me though as I found today he's lost a pound in the last month. Which I know is related to many things...the CRF, Diabetes, possibly the anemia or blood pressure, but it still hits me hard to see him so thin...because a year ago, he was 13 lbs. Today he was a little over 8 lbs. He's got a little less oomph and a little less spunk than he did a year ago. And there's not much we can do about it. What he has, at least with the CRF, is progressive. So it's up to us now to make him happy and comfortable. Give him whatver he will eat that won't irritate his IBS. And above all, keep from freaking out as that will just upset Data. We could have a long time. We may have less than that. But worrying about what will happen down the road will get in the way of enjoying time with him today.

So to keep my mind off worrying I cleaned. I cleaned and rearranged and organized. I have a very workable kitchen now with everything I use most in one area instead of scattered around. I have a fairly clean carpet free from little Data gifts. I can now see most of my loveseat (which is the reciprocal for all things clutter).

Time to think happy thoughts. Data is eating his fancy feast. He's made a few litterbox visits in time the past few days. And he's crawling around the computer, sitting on the keyboard, deleting applications and making my entire computer scream.

Today, that puts all the other worries in life in perspective.


  1. Glad Mr. Data is active today! My cats are weird because they don't show any interest in my computer or keyboard. Normal cats do! Oh, and that picture... freaked me out at first 'cause I thought they were spiders! :-P

  2. So sorry to freak you out...although now that you mention it, it does bear a striking resemblance.

    Mr Data thanks you for the implication that he is normal...this is the kitty who would drink grape juice given the opportunity.