Sunday, September 6, 2009

The One Meal Deal

I was inspired to try ricotta and bacon in a recipe the other week by a particularly tasty series of yummy recipes by Palidor over at Crazy Asian Gal blog (I'd put in a link but haven't figured that out yet!). With apologies to Palidor, her original recipe looked absolutely wonderful and was very clear with directions. Mine not so much. I clearly have to work on my cooking patience.

I started out by a saucepan dump of the ingredients including ricotta cheese, bacon, figs, chives and minced freeze dried onions.This lasted about as long as it took for the ingredients to get softened somewhat which fortunately was about the time I got tired of waiting. It should be said when I"m tired and sick, my impulsiveness goes up substantially.

I split open 3 chicken breasts and arranged them in the pie pan surrounded by diced mini golden potatoes before spreading the minimally softened ricotta mix, covering it with a layer of bacon strips and then surrounding it with another small ring of potatoes and a fig.

3 chicken breasts, split
2 large tablespoons (regular, not measuring) ricotta cheese
2 slices bacon, minced
4 figs, diced
1 dozen mini potatoes, approximately, diced
2 large shakes minced onion
2 small shakes dried chives
4 slices bacon (garnish)
2 figs (garnish)

It took about an hour at 350 for it to cook. And the chicken was wonderfully tender. I realized that it needs a little more zip though...salt or garlic or something else. But for an impulse, make it up kind of as I went along, it didn't turn out too bad at all. Maybe also cut the bacon up into smaller pieces for the top layer. Also, although it tasted nice, it seems like it could be visually better so i'm thinking of maybe adding a ring of diced tomato around it.


  1. Welcome to food blogging! The easiest way to add a link to another blog is to copy and paste their address on your web browser. In your posting, mention the name of the blog like mine (ha, ha), A Feast for the Eyes. Take your mouse and highlight the blog name and look up at your tool bar. See that "link" icon? click on that and a box will open up. Paste the address onto it. Now, the name you highlighted should be in a different color. You might also want to edit your profile to allow it to show your email address.
    Now, for your recipes. Great job, and I admire your goal to eat and live healthy. I try to do that by using the freshest ingredients possible. Yes, I bake, but I give most of it away and eat in moderation. I can't deny myself what I love, or I will binge and blow the whole thing.
    You might want to see my labels for "healthy". I've posted a few, including the easy chicken a l'orange.
    Good luck on learning all the bells and whistle on blogger. I'm still trying to figure it all out!


  2. PS: I just bought fresh figs. Love them, and this recipe looks like a great way to use them. Mmmm.

  3. Debby - thanks so much for your advice about the posting...that helps a lot. You sound a lot like me with denying the foods that I love. I've had a lot of times when I have blown it just because I was feeling deprived. Now moderation...well that's something I'm still working out :)

  4. Wow, you tried one of my recipes? I'm so honored! And relieved that it turned out good. I like your idea of doing a ricotta chicken bake. I have to confess that I'm not a fan of figs, though. I tried them, but just didn't like the taste.

    I like your quote too. So true. It's always good to remind ourselves to keep a proper perspective on things.