Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Quite Banana Split Puff Tarts

Sometimes a girls gotta bake when a girls gotta bake despite the dishes. I've made a valiant attempt to catch up on them despite the distraction of the White Sox game and the desire to avoid anything that resembles work even though I know my mood will improve with a cleaner house. But there's still a ways to go before I've got a house that will be relaxing to come home to.

Not Quite Banana Split Puff Tarts
1 heaping tablespoon chocolate hazelnut spread
1 medium banana sliced
1 tbsp chopped walnuts
1/4 cup (approx) Grand Marnier
1 heaping tablespoon strawberry peach jam
additional walnuts for garnish
2 shakes cinnamon

Combine chocolate hazelnut spread and grand marnier until smooth. Add walnuts and bananas, stirring until mixed. Pour into baked shells, cover with jam & top with walnuts.


  1. Wow, they look yummy! A scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream would be a great accompaniment.

  2. Caramel ice cream sounds great! And I have an ice cream maker..hmmmm.