Friday, September 18, 2009

Thriving on Chaos

So, there was no chaos with the big do today.


Everyone was on their best behavior. The extra vendors/clients who had been invited didn't show up so there was so turning them away at the door for lack of room. People were polite and friendly.

And I, being the slightly deranged person I am in situations like this, was actually a little disappointed. Of course, I was also probably one of the few people who thought that as well when Y2K rolled around and none of that promised chaos happened.

Which of course means that I am going to have to hear, to no end, "I told you so" from the coworker who had been pushing to invite more and more people.

Now mind you there is still the potential for chaos as this is really a 2 day event, with another repeat one next weekend. So, I'm not sure I really wanted this chaos to happen or just didn't want to prove this one person right. Especially as she and I have been having words about her willingness to hand out passes to everyone and anyone despite being told not too.

So, ok, this situation is more about ego than anything else. I admit it.

But so far, so good. I'm tired, but there's maybe another hour at best and then I'm good to go, get home around 10, have a half hour of time to do anything and then need to go to bed, try to sleep and be back here before 9 am for another day of fun.

I'm tired but I'm good.

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  1. I hope that it is another day of fun! Glad things went well. I can totally understand the whole situation being about ego. Well, whatever happens, just smile and make the best of it! Don't let your co-worker get to you!!