Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rum Ball Cookie Therapy

Just finished making some rum ball cookies for my meet up picnic/concert tomorrow and that is a very good sign. There's something to be said about keeping myself busy by cooking instead of ruminating and worrying over the whole family chaos but I'm realizing that I have missed cooking/baking. I used to do a lot of it...my family looked forward to visiting me and my gourmet cooking but then it stopped. I think part of it was going through a rough patch in life at the time...I had hit that gruesome stage in my 30's when I realized I was indeed getting older. I had teenagers calling me ma'am. Nobody even bothered to card me when I bought alcohol. And worst (at least to me)I had to start dying my hair. I think i started acting and living and thinking old. And of course, having made some classically bad relationship decisions discussed previously I decided to take a short hibernation which turned out to be a few years longer than I had anticipated. I just settled for a boring life in a way. So, for me, to be puttering around in the kitchen and cooking something is like coming back home after a long journey. It feels right. It feels fun. And it tastes yummy (I had to eat a couple to make sure they were safe to take to the meetup of course.).

Right now I'm listening to the White Sox game on the radio because in a fit of economy I downgraded my comcast earlier this year and there's something to be said about listening to the radio. It gave me fits at first. I was like a addict reaching for the remote and crying "why, why???" when I realized I didn't have comcast sportsnet anymore. But curiously enough, I've started to enjoy it. I'm not vegetating on the couch staring at the TV (I'm in front of the computer playing games but let's not split hairs). Granted, I haven't really saved the money from the downgrade as I've found other things to spend it on but it's proof that the world won't end if I don't have TV.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Data, (Kitty Extraordinaire)

Okay, so I didn't accomplish several of my goals for this week. I got out of the house to socialize once this week instead of three. And I didn't cook anything new using only ingredients in the house. Sometimes, I set impossible goals for myself and then I wonder why I get so frustrated when I fall short. It's that do or die food mentality transferred into my goals list in a way.

But i did get caught up on my dishes and that is nothing to dismiss lightly. And I did end up going to that meet up group last Wednesday which was a huge thing because I enjoyed myself and am already looking forward to what I will be bringing to the "picnic" (baked rum ball cookies.) And in a fit of organization, I planned several day visits to my mom during the month of August around some of the meetup activities I wanted to attend.

Today's pictures are of my kitty, Mr Data (aka Kitty Extraordinaire) who turns 18 tomorrow at least according to his old vet records. Happy Birthday Mr. Data!