Sunday, May 20, 2012

TCS: Individual Meringue Blobs/Cups with Lime Cream

From: The Cake book by Tish Boyle

Optimism always reigns in my at least mind when it comes to culinary matters. Given my fondness for devouring the Miss Meringue cookies from my local store  and spending the rest of the day on a elevated sugar buzz, I had no qualms about trying this recipe despite my ongoing issues with egg whites that have at times in the past led to me having to leave the kitchen  and console myself with something deliciously unhealthy while I get over the latest egg white episode. However, I am pleased to announce that I have successfully conquered (for the most part) the egg white phobia even if it is clear from the photo that my piping skills are still lagging far behind. 

This was, surprisingly, at least for me a fairly easy recipe to assemble although it helped greatly that it could be done in stages. While I liked the meringue, I actually enjoyed the fruit with just the lime cream alone much more than the completed project. Without the meringue, it's definitely more on the tart side so I think I might sweeten the whipped cream a little more before folding it into the lime curd the next time. Overall, a yummy dessert, one that I hope to be able to serve to guests some day when my piping skills are a little more polished. 

For the recipe, please check out Tish Boyle's great book "The Cake Book" and look for page 290 or check out this link  at Cookstr for the recipe as well as the nutritional values. Until Monday, I am in complete denial of these pesky nutritional values however so I will be blissfully enjoying this dessert until then. .

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