Thursday, October 29, 2009

Balancing Perspective

So things are starting to look up at work. We have a a temp-to-perm receptionist working, the boss is back full time and there is now at last the chance to take time off work. Which means a three day weekend, back on Monday, and then off Tuesday and Wednesday.

Not that I have anything to do on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's just the ability to take the time off  and not be at work. And a good thing too because my attitude has been cranky/bitchy lately. And while it's not an out and out grumbling (although there has been that), it's mostly an internal crankiness which is worse. Because no matter how polite I might be in words, my actions are speaking louder than my words ever could.

Now while I don't think my insurance overs attitude transplants, I can at least have some time to think about why I'm choosing to be in a bad mood. Because as much as I might like to blame it on someone else, the reality is if a bad mood happens often enough, then it's a pretty safe bet it's my choice.

So today is a very good day to look at the things I appreciate:

  1. Having a great vet for Mr. Data that comes to our house
  2. Being able to make pizza from scratch for the first time last night
  3. Getting a seat to myself on the train this morning
  4. Being able to use the internet at work for personal issues
  5. Having food to eat
  6. Mr Data feeling better after a rough two days
  7. Having Friday off and missing a major mailing at work
  8. Getting paid tomorrow
  9. Being able to walk from the el to work today
  10. Waking up this morning

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