Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Da Da Dum Dum

It's time to work with egg whites.

Specifically time to work with souffles.

This fills me with some dread. Okay a lot of dread. As I've posted before, I have a fear of egg whites. Partly because I'm concerned (with good reason) that I'll smack them around too much and make them disintegrate. Also, partly because I have my doubts about getting every speck of invisible butter off my mixer.

On the other hand, the recipe which is throwing my kitchen into chaos does sound yummy and involves blue cheese, which I have always loved even as a kid. And to make things better, there's parmesan cheese involved too so how can this not be a good thing.

I feel rather like I"m going into battle here.


  1. So what are you making exactly I love Blue Cheese!

  2. Ooo good luck with your souffle! Egg whites have never scared me as much as yeast does. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me luck!

  3. Diane...I made a blue cheese souffle. Not too bad either!

    Joanne - thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your race went well!