Friday, October 9, 2009

No Time for Sinus Issues...There's Baking to be Done

Up early this morning with a sinus headache but that okay because...drumroll...there's a 3 day weekend ahead of me!!!!!!!!!

Really there was supposed to be 4 but I started feeling guilty about badmouthing the boss to the toxic twins at work. Now granted, there are some justifiable issues that are at hand. And none of us are the same people we were a few months ago, boss included, so the re-appearance of said boss upset the balance of things that had been created in their absence. Plus, absences have a way to opening our eyes to the things we were really working hard at pretending we didn't see when it's going on.

That said, I don't like the person I become when I badmouth people too much. It gets under my skin. And it seems to fuel the desire to complain more. I''d been told yesterday by the toxic twins that sometimes I was so positive at work that they wanted to smack me. And I've started to think about that since, wondering how being positive became a liability with them.Why complaining is so attractive versus taking action. And there is action to be taken here. Granted, I don't see going up to the boss and telling them that they've changed and not for the better. But if I am that unhappy, I could change jobs. I could step back, do my job, fly under the radar and do my own thing and let the tempers flare and the games be played around me.

In other words, the only person who can trip me up and ruin my day is me.

So I emailed the boss and said I could help out with an last minute event that came up on Monday for about 4 hours. Because it's what I would have done before I got myself into the funk of what I wasn't getting for everything I had been doing.

So 3 days still warrants the happy dance. And I have sinus meds on hand, hopefully more than the 2 tabs I was able to find, so I can get rid of the headache and get into the kitchen.

Well, after I attack the dishes that haven taken over the kitchen first.

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  1. A 4-day weekend would have been nice, but 3 days is still something to get excited about. I hope that your sinus issues clear up soon!