Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Joy of Staying Home on a Saturday Night

Right now it's been raining on and off, Data is sleeping on the side of the couch, I have the TV playing behind me and I finally feel grounded. Despite feeling like a small walrus after finishing off the rest of the ice cream I made yesterday that I am bound to regret as I have lactose intolerance. Minor in small amounts, not so minor with that much ice cream.

But I have no regrets. It was really good. But there are more sweets out there. I remember reading somewhere that it was a shame to eat the same things over and over as there were so many recipes out there ready to be tried. And I'm still convinced that I can eat good foods, fun foods and treats and still lose weight.

Just that tricky issue of moderation.

Moderation. It sounds so stuffy and boring. But there is some truth to it. I know I enjoyed the ice cream but I think after so many bites, it was eating the ice cream instead of savoring it. And that's a shame because it was really good ice cream.

Mentally, I think I need an easy in my life.

So, for next week, breakfast and lunch can be regular meals. Dinner I'll go back to slimfast. And if I find myself going overboard on anything, out it goes. Down the toilet, thrown in the garbage with litter thrown on top. Anything. It's not like the food is going anywhere. Now that I'm getting back into cooking and baking, it's never going to be the only time i ever have to eat pretty much anything unless the cows go on strike and refuse to give any dairy products anymore.

Time to get back out there and start socializing again with my meetup groups. Big difference this past month since i was too busy to do any of them. I was using work as my sole interaction with people because I had no time for other people.

Now I need to make the time before I forget the progress and slip back into old habits.

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