Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

So, Sunday I would have to say won hands down over what I would consider to be fun  for my activities this weekend but Saturday rocked with the goodies I got to bring home after the cookbook/housewares/anything you can think to get rid of swap that we had at a friends house. My food processor is still residing on the kitchen table at least until I am able to wrestle the kitchen back into some semblance of order. The bowls I can't figure out what they're for are to the right of the cookbook. When I went back on Sunday for the pasta making class, there was still some stuff left but I managed to leave it there. Not that any of it was stuff I would use but there's some funky steak in me that thinks if it's free, it's a shame to not take it.

Now our pasta making class on Sunday was  a lot easier at least in regards to socializing and I got to come homehome with edible yummies, although I'm not sure that I would attempt the sweet potato gnocchi least not the recipe that we were using. So I'm looking for one online as in a word, it was yummy. And being raised under a rock (or so it seems sometimes with my cooking skills) I've never actually tried gnocchi. Or sweet potato pasta in general as my family's version of pasta growing up was out of  a box  with jarred  sauce. But at least I got a feel for working with pasta dough - another one of those "Wait, it's that easy to make" moments with pulling the dough together. Followed up by the inevitable realization by several of us that forming the dough into shapes is a lot more of a pain that we thought and learning that you can't put raw formed gnocchi into a bowl without it coming out fused into one giant ball of dough . Thereby forcing another traumatic round of dough shaping.

But it was fun. And after having sauteed the sweet potato gnocchi in a dab of butter and cooked with brown sugar and walnuts, I've gotten over the trauma and am thinking about making it again sometime.

Now I have to get mysel back into the mindset of working tomorrow. Part of me is back to being crabby and thinking "Well I'll just call in with a personal day tomorrow" while the other half is thinking "But my coworker is bringing in the bacon jam recipe I showed her."

Yep. Bacon Jam. Could food get any better?


  1. I would love to try to make homemade pasta - for whatever reason I've never attempted this.

  2. Bacon jam? Nope, can't imagine better than that! The bowls are cute and the perfect size for a cat. Maybe they could be Mr. Data's new feeding dishes?

  3. Cathy, I was the same way about making's definitely time consuming but I think the taste is awesome compared to what it what I'd get in a store. At least I think it will be once I get more practice.

    Palidor, agree about nothing being better than bacon jam. Alas, the bowls wouldn't work for Mr Data...he's a really messy eater and food goes flying all over the carpet as it is. I'm thinking of getting him a kitty trough :)