Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Behold...It's Bacon Jam!

Not that I made it myself, but after having discovered the recipe over at  the wonderful blog, Not Quite Nigella, I had to share it with one of my coworkers who, bless her, made it this weekend and bought it in.

All I can say is thank you. And thank you. Oh, and thank you.

Now granted, I was a little dubious when I first saw it. I've never eaten it but for some reason it reminded me of what caviar jam would look like. Plus it had clumped into one giant lump requiring us to microwave it in order to soften it up enough to eat it.  My coworker  looked about as worried as I did. But all it took was one smell wafting from the microwave to restore our faith in this rather deranged jam.

Now, I'm a bacon junkie as some have already guessed. This is very nearly, but fortunately not too much bacon. It stops right at the pinacle of bacon perfection, where one cracker makes you close your eyes and go "OH MY  OH MY OH MY."

She had skimped a little on tabasco sauce, just using a few drops. And used regular bacon instead of smoked bacon as the recipe called for. But trust me, if you're a bacon junkie, this is something you have got to try at least once.

Now here's hoping I can get her to make this again. Soon. It would be dangerous to have this at home in the fridge.


  1. Oh my...I'm sold...I'm going to have to give this a try.

  2. I agree that it would be dangerous! It certainly wouldn't last very long in my fridge.

  3. Ok sounds sinfully delicious. When's the bacon party

  4. Cathy...let me know what you think of it...I think it's amazing.

    Palidor...am only going to make it myself if my sister comes to visit as I know she will eat enough of it to make it safe for me.

    Diane..every day is a bacon party! It should be at least if were just a tiny bit healthier :)