Saturday, October 10, 2009

Talk about the Perfect Timing

So, it was a good thing I actually showed up for this cookbook/housewares swap.

Yep, I went.

Rationalizing all the way. First I just had to get dressed and put makeup on. Then I just had to go downtown and I could go home. Then, if I got through it I would allow myself to buy some almond extract on the 15th when I get paid  if I stayed an hour.Of course it helped a lot that the hostess greated me like a long lost friend and seemed happy to see me once I made it through the door. Otherwise, I think I would have felt a lot more off my stride than I did. It's always nice to have someone make a little fuss over seeing you again.

So, how was it? Nice but a little awkward at first. Everybody just spread out and sort of stared blankly around at the stuff, flipping open cookbooks and putting them back guiltily in case we weren't supposed to touch anything yet.  And ok, it wasn't my most outgoing outing as I only knew one person next to me and the hostess was on the other side of the room, but I'm still happy. I asked questions like whehter they liked baking or cooking more which was all I could think of under the circumstances but it was okay. There's definitely some work that still needs to be done and my Dale Carnegie book to pick up again, but considering it wasn't an keeping busy and making talk in between tasks sort of baking event, it was actually pretty okay indeed. And, As Palidor commented earlier, the real celebration was going. Practicing my small talk was the icing on the cake. And it was a bump in the road I had to get over after the last 2 months to get back out and into the world again.

Once we got the go ahead, those of us who were closest has the advantage as we'd been checking things out beforehand and knew what we wanted. I ended up with 4 creme brulee dishes, 3 not sure what they are but they looked cute and I'm sure I can figure out something to  use them for shallow bowls and a lovely glossy cookie book that I'm pretty sure I will use from time to time.Not that I needed it. Even I have to admit I have a very nice selection of baking books now that should hold me steady for quite some time if not forever. But this is a awesome cookie book. Kind of a definitive cookie book for me. And like a nervous mother, I kept an eye out for my cookbook babies and was happy to see that at least 2 of my cookbooks have a new home now..the rest, poor things, were left orphaned so the hostess will take them to goodwill for someone else to have.

Even more amazing, after my blender/why don't I have a food processor rant/blog yesterday, it was the absolute perfect timing that someone bought in a food processor because...and I find this highly funny...she found herself using the blender instead of a food processor for making purees because she cut everything by hand and preferred the blender. So I now have a food processor at last which should help with cutting back on my  blender's impending nervous breakdown. And it will defnitely help with my kitchen meltdowns too.

So I'm home now with new toys and a book and an evening to relax (hint to self: cleaning would be great too). And then tomorrow I'm back over there to learn how to make pasta by hand. Very cool. Something new, something to do and at least 1 person i know already.

Oh happy collapse on the couch.


  1. That sounds so fun! I would love to go to a houseware swap!!!!

  2. Very, very happy that you went! And now you have a much-needed food processor. Post some pictures of your cool finds later, okay? :-)