Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer Woes

Well, life has a funny way of dealing with our concerns. The other day I was talking about worrying that I'd been spending too much time on the computer. Then after a few days of fits and starts and general computer flu, mine dear old puter may be gone for good.

The initial reaction is panic. I had files that are probably gone, ranging from  important (budgets and mr data) to semi important (photos I may not have backed up) to inconsequential (computer games, baking challenges, recipes and the such.)

I think the thing that's making me crabbiest is the fact that my sister, who has her good points (alas, hugs and sympathy not being among them) was listening to me rant about my computer and in mid worry started talking about something else.

And which point I hung up and sat in front of my computer screen willing it to come back to life. Which it did not do. So  I have an email in to the tech guy at work to see if he thinks we can heal it. If not, I'm left with a few issues to deal with. One, buy a a new computer which consisdering my debt levels seems to be self destructive even to me. Two, pay off the debts and then buy a new computer, relying on the work computer to work on my blog and other internet related things until that happens. Third, ask my family for help which considering the past issues and the fact that I never paid my mom back in full for something she helped with last year seems in poor taste to even ask for.

Considering how much time I did spend on the computer, this is going to throw my entire life offline for awhile too. First thing I did getting up was log on and check the email. First thing I did coming home was work on the computer. Now I'm facing a life without internet. Without any computer at all. I'm going to have to start doing things now like reading books and cleaning the house and exercising and all the other things I never had time for because I was on the computer.

Which okay, now that I think about it, it's not the end of the world. It might actually break the computer habit and get me back out and having more of a life. That said, there's going to be withdrawals. I had turned my internet off 6 months ago and after 24 hours wanted to sit in front of my computer hoping against hope that it would miraculaously turn itself back on (which it had but that was a comcast error that I couldn't get fixed).

So, I'll blog during lunch time or come in early/stay late to do it. I'll pay my bills online from here the same way.

Fingers crossed it's something that can be fixed though.


  1. Good luck on that computer problem. I could not be without my computer. Good thing you have one at work. I would miss your blog.

  2. It will definitely be hard at first, but you can do it. When you think about it, mainstream internet hasn't been around that long, and you've lived most of your life without it! Like you said, it will give you an opportunity to do many other things.

  3. Diane...thanks so much for your kind compliment.

    Palidor...hopefully this will translate into a cleaner house and more exercising. I can only hope.